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If there’s one thing that counts in a race, it’s the result. Melbourne Cup is upon us today and the anticipation is growing for jockeys, trainers and punters alike. Jockeys need to be able to ride well, trainers need to be able to give proper instruction and punters need to…


Welcome to TAB Results. Here you will find a brief account about the TAB and their place in providing punters with the most up-to-date race results for an extensive range of local and international races and sports betting events.

TAB results are the listings of all the race and sport event outcomes that the agency allows bets on. The results listings always include details like the name and location of the event, winning horse or team, the odds and what the different betting types paid. TAB results also provide patrons with other horse racing and sporting event details that you may not be able to source elsewhere. Information such as the track conditions at a race, TAB scratchings, jockey, trainer and sport team’s details that are all useful when considering the overall odds of a bet or when following a particular side, horse or sporting personality.

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A number of websites upload and publish the TAB race results and easy access to these online results is essential for betting success. Some websites also offer access to past results; examining past race results is a great way to get a feel for a race, horse, game or any other event you may be laying a bet on. Bettors can then use the current and past TAB race results to help decide on their next bet. See how horses are placing and teams are scoring to work out the best way to place your wager and work out the odds.

The main racing outcomes the TAB results cover are:

Horse Racing

Harness Racing

Greyhound racing.

There is also the extra Jockey Challenge betting covered in this section.

For sports betting, the main games covered with TAB results are:


American Football

Australia Rules






Ice Hockey

Motor Sport

Rugby League

Rugby Union



The TAB provides quick and current outcomes for all the betting options including Fixed Odds and Totalisator Pools bets. Results cover the odds and prize paid for the standard Win and Place bets as well as all other exotic bets that include:





First 4

Daily Double

Running Double


Big 6

All Up


The TAB results are Win, Place or Refund for most racing events. A race result listing refund typically means a horse was scratched from the race.

There are a number of divisions of the TAB that run the betting for different states. These divisions are:



TABOzbet (WA)


All of these divisions cover the same race results.

Brief History of TAB:

TAB stands for Totalisator Agency Boards and has been around for 48 years, first created in Victoria in 1961. The aim of the TAB is to provide a safe off-course betting service for racing and sports. Before the TAB was introduced to the racing and wagering industry and started providing easy access to race results, the only way to find the odds or payoffs for each horse or event was from the tote board, which is where the name for the TAB originated, tote being a colloquialism for totalisator. The TAB runs a computerised system that administers pari-mutuel betting, calculating payoff odds, displaying them to punters and then generating tickets based on the incoming bets.